EP 12 Melvin the shoe hates u2

October 15, 2018

Marcus the shoe stops by and says things. I miss my old Caballeros. This show might be gtting to dirty. I don't talk to a shoe it's my friend Tim. GOT CHA STUPID!


Ep11 Edith and Carlith hate amy schumer

October 8, 2018

Edith stops by, and we bring Carli back from the dead. Thats about it........ bye


Ep 10!!!! Jake hates Iphone

September 27, 2018

It's the 10th episode, and I pull out all the stops! Or maybe I don't know what that saying means. There might be some stop but I edited out most of the pause's. Some of them you gotta keep because it works. 






see told ya



September 13, 2018

I wait for my co-host to show up......... Injoy.



September 4, 2018

Mike from bad reception stops by to save my podcast career. Rate bad reception on itunes. While you're at it teach me how to be on itunes. I just finished doing my laundry. Really had to do laundry, cause I was running out of socks. I was gonna have to start wearing my shirts as socks. are any of you people selling a car? If so hit me up. 


ep7 ? Bad Reception audition tape

August 22, 2018

I make a audition tape for the podcast Bad Reception. Megan is busy so they need a temp co-host. Let me tell ya, I nailed it! It's in the bag! Whats in the box????? It's me, Jason Diego Mederos... Hi. Still loading I thought I was done writing, but computer gods say "NO" JDM you be not done. k... bye


ep 6 CEO Janet hates my show?

August 20, 2018

CEO Janet stops by to see if she wants to cancel my show. I hope she does. Jurassic Park is good. My sister farts, and I talk about it. I still haven't heard from Queen Latifah. I love her. But you can't force some one to love you back..... yet. One day. lkniuo kugu ukbi ;ojoknuo inki;nip iini jbouibiyc gcr6  jy o lm,biyvhvtyt gu tcvu vtuy yu   j uibubj iou. Sorry my computer fell down a flight of stairs


ep 5 final hi eduardo

August 13, 2018

Eduardo stops by. He's no Queen Latifah, but we had fun. He distracts me a lot, I didn't plug anything cause he keep changing the subject. I could soo go to sleep right now but I'm pretty sure there's a monster in my closet and under my bed. There's something staring at me in the corner of my room. Big ups to the homie Tim happy birthday. Carli said we are gonna go out to eat tonight. I hope we do. We probably wont. hi eden.


Ep4 Johnny Redo

August 3, 2018

So in this one I got Johnny back on the Podcast. I swear I'm not running out of people to co-host. Some times you just got to do what you got to do. Is it worth listening to? probably not. Did I give it my all? f*** no. But I did it, and it's here. I heard that beer makes you fat! I refuse to believe that! How could something you chew make you fat?!!!!! Also croissant don't taste like they would make you fat. Too light. Bugers taste fattening, but a buger with a croissant bun........ maybe not so bad. smiley face. Do any of you know Queen Latifah? If so, tell her to listen. Who am I kidding? She wouldn't like this podcast. The only reason I like it is I love hearing myself talk. Even then, it gets old.Hi kevin. Kevin is my brother. I didn't capitalize the k in the first Kevin I wrote. As you can see, I'm not gonna fix it. No one reads the podcast descriptions. If you do, you're weird. Bye Kevin.


ep3 Caleb and Lenny hate U2… so do I!!!!!!!!!

July 20, 2018

This is it! The subject that inspired this whole podcast, besides wanting to meet Queen Latifah, because last holiday was really, really good! Learn what really happened with my other podcast "hi Eduardo" aslo read this description to this episode. Here is my email, ready? got a pen? OKay. thingsihate.pod@gmail.com I never check it, so do what you want with that info. The last episode I did with johnny, the volume was way to low. Maybe I'm not good at this. I feel like there should be an emoji right there, but how the hell would I do that?!! Also which one would I use? This thing is taking forever to upload. I need more internets brb. Ok, I'm back. I kinda like editing, but I can see how it could get old. Turns out, I don't need internets for this part, I'm just doing it wrong. Smiley face. A little secret about me. I've never seen The Godfather. I wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid, then when I grew up all my friends didn't wanna watch it with me cause they've already seen it. Hey, it's done. So goodbye dog. p.s Alkaline water is good for heartburn.